Burgos Continued


Friday, June 17
Day 17

Burgos was cold and rainy for our entire visit. Professor Henry Higgins may teach Eliza Doolittle that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains, but our experience is that it all lands on Burgos.

The town’s squares are anything but, all being eccentrically  shaped. We walked through many of them multiple times–El Cid Plaza, Freedom Plaza, Plaza Mayor, etc.–but none of them looked like a traditional central city Spanish plaza. Burgos certainly has its own character!  I have linked some more photos  of Burgos’s treasures.

Today was errands day.  We spent the morning tracking down a laundromat (not easy; Burgos doesn’t seem to have many of them, despite being a city).

In the afternoon, we went back to the music store, where James exchanged his full-sized guitar for a smaller, traveling one that will fit in his backpack. Then he went back to the hotel before his new guitar got rained on, while I carried on trying, unsuccessfully, to solve my camera problems by visiting a camera store and then a phone store. After  wasting multiple hours over several days trying to fix this issue, I finally gave up.

With James bummed out about having to give up his full-sized guitar and me grumpy about not being able to use my camera, we went out to dinner to change the mood via ordering roast pig- a specialty at the restaurant we went to–and downing a pitcher of sangria. Not a bad way to end the day.

Steps Today: 13,547

More photos can be viewed at: Burgos II

Author: Camino for Boomers

I am the owner and editor of Bayou City Press in Houston, Texas. As a Foreign Service Officer, I lived and traveled all over the world for 33 years. My new book is "Savoring the Camino de Santiago: It's the Pilgrimage, Not the Hike."

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