Burgos Cathedral

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Day 16

Burgos Cathedral is the third largest in Spain, with only the cathedrals in Seville and Toledo being larger. Besides the central nave and aisles, there are many, many side chapels (18, I think).

As one guide book said, any one of these chapels, transferred to a museum in the USA, would be considered a masterwork of the collection. Here, all crowded together, it becomes, as James remarked, “overwhelming.” So much beauty crowded into such a relatively small area!

The Cathedral also boasts a two-story cloister, something I have never seen before. I was particularly impressed with the cupolas and ceilings. Like the one pictured here, several of them are spectacular.

Burgos is also crowded with mementos of El Cid, an interesting hero since he fought for both Christian kings and Muslim overlords. El Cid is buried in the cathedral, and we took a photo of his gravestone.

After breakfast, we headed out for the guitar store. On the way, we saw an open church and popped in. Saint Lesmes, whose lovely mausoleum is right there in the center of the church, is the patron saint of Burgos. At the guitar shop James tried out many guitars, then selected a full-size Alhambra. He went back to the hotel while I went searching for an Internet cafe or something similar, still trying to solve my camera problem. In the afternoon off to the Cathedral for an extended visit. We had hoped to go to a musical performance in the evening but we were just too tired.

Steps Today: 13,179

For additional photos, go to June 16, 2016: Burgos.

Author: Camino for Boomers

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