Blog + Book = Bonus!


Over the Christmas holidays, I have been updating my blog, which I had largely allowed to lie dormant while I finished writing, editing, and publishing my book about the Camino de Santiago. Once the book was published in December I turned my attention to updating my blog.

I began writing this blog, my first, just before I set out to walk the Camino de Santiago. I found that I had set myself a hard task, because WiFi in northern Spain outside of the major cities left a lot to be desired. I struggled with uploading, besides other technical issues. About ten days before the end of my 49-day journey, I gave up on the blog, thinking that I was wasting too many hours fighting technology and would finish the entries later.

“Later” never really came, until now.  Once home, I turned to writing a book about the Camino. That book, Savoring the Camino de Santiago, was published in December 2019 and is now available on Amazon in both eBook and paperback formats (

In publishing the book, I was foiled in my desired to include lots of color photographs.  Color photographs in a book are very expensive. First I decreased the number of color photographs I planned to include, and then I decided on black and white photos only.  In the end, I only had a reduced number of  photographs–color photos in the eBook and black and white in the paperback.

And this is where the blog covers the gap. I have now added posts for the last ten days of the trip, but more importantly I have added many, many color photographs to the site.

Neither book nor blog is complete without the other. If readers only look at the book, they miss all the additional photos. And if they only read they blog, they only have the contents of one chapter of the 29-chapter book. I intend the blog to be a companion to, and extension of, the book. I hope you will read the book, and supplement Chapter 23 by turning to the blog for all of the additional photos.  Happy reading!