The Camino Meets “The Way”


Wednesday, June 14
Day 14
Santo Domingo de la Calzada to Belorado

On entering Belorado, one of the first things we stumbled upon was this plaque, set into the pavement stones, showing Martin Sheen’s foot and hand print and signature. As we walked through the town, which obviously has gone to a great effort to beautify the streets, we saw many more of these plaques for others associated with the film The Way.

It was fun to seek out Emilio Estevez’s plaque and to try to figure out to whom the other plaques pertained.  I was told that in the  Tourist Information  Office they give out maps showing where all the plaques are. It’s Belorado’s own version of the Hollywood  Walk of Fame. Obviously the cast of The Way beat us to Belorado. Nobody asked us for our hand/footprints.  For more photos of Belorado, see our page of photos.

We walked from Santo Domingo to Redecilla del Camino, then took a bus the rest of the way. It was another great day for walking–cool, overcast, and good road surfaces. We ducked into the local church for a quick look. The priest was leading choir members and pilgrims in an international religious sing-along. Then we went to a local restaurant where we were invited to join five other pilgrims  for a convivial  dinner. Great fun!

Steps Today: 23,137

See more photos at June 14, 2016: Santo Domingo to Belorado












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