June 14, 2016: Santo Domingo to Belorado

As I walked along this part of the route, among agricultural fields, the colors of the crops made it look like a patchwork blanket spread over the land.


The different colors of different crops and different stages of ripening wheat are beautiful to contemplate as one walks along. I was fascinated by all the different shades of green.
The sky turned grey and threatening, which darkened most of the field, but when the sun shone through the clouds the fields would glow.
After crossing so many ancient bridges, it was a jolt to see a modern one.
Things left behind. One always wonders what happened. One shoe left behind. Why only one? Did this single shoe fall off a backpack and not be noticed?
Poppies, poppies, and other wildflowers are allowed to bloom along the paths. The wildflowers along the road are so beautiful. .
For the first time, we see workmen improving the surface of the Camino. This is the one spot along the whole Camino where I saw a crew working to improve the Way. Santo Domingo would be pleased!
It’s like the Oregon Trail. Things abandoned all along it. This time a pair of shoes. Did they wear out? Pinch too much? Is the Pilgrim giving up? I think the owners should leave a note for those who follow, explaining what happened. Inquiring minds want to know.  At least discarding a pair of shoes makes more sense–perhaps some other passing pilgrim can put them to use.
Finally, we cross out of La Rioja and into Castile. Signs like this were very welcome. The Camino could use more
Like Najera, Belorado abuts cliffs. Caves in the cliffs were used by hermits.
Belorado has beautifully decorated its streets with murals about the history of the town and the Camino.
The scallop shell is everywhere.
St. James the Pilgrim, I suppose.
Lovely murals.
Site of a fun dinner with other pilgrims.
Looks like a postcard, doesn’t it?
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