The Plan, or Better Said the New Dream

The author on Blue, May 2021

My new plan, or dream, is to ride the Camino de Santiago. I had originally planned to do that last year, in the autumn of 2020, but the pandemic and the closure of the Camino made that plan impossible. I then thought, way back when we all hoped that the pandemic would be over by 2021, to reschedule the ride for spring or summer 2021. That, too, proved impossible. Finally, the European Union announced that its member countries would be reopening borders in June 2021. Hurray! By then I had already returned to riding on a regular basis here in the Houston area. I began searching for horseback Caminos for the autumn.

In a regular year, various outfitters offer many different horseback options. In 2021, with almost no travelers in Spain, outfitters cancelled the great majority of trips. I managed to book one from September 20-26. The new header on this blog shows the route I will taking, basically from near the border with Portugal then heading north to Santiago de Compostela.

I’ll start this new phase of the blog by reviewing developments over the summer.