The Chalice


Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Day 28

We had breakfast but then lazed around the hotel since James’s foot continues to hurt.  At noon we went down to go to the St Isidoro Museum and Pantheon and lucked into a guided tour in Spanish.  St. Isidoro in León is an amazing place. The church is lovely and houses the bones of this early Spanish saint. The pantheon has tombs of princes and nobility.

The museum is the home of the Holy Grail. Photos weren’t permitted in the museum, so I don’t have an original photo of the Grail. The one above is a photo from the book I am currently reading (yes, yet another book) about the Grail. The book recounts new research undertaken at the Al Azhar University archives in Cairo that strengthens the provenance of St. Isidoro’s chalice.

While there are contending chalices in some other countries, none is as well documented as this one, according to the authors. It is truly a beautiful piece, and it gives one goosebumps to think of being so close  to such a sacred object.

After lunch at a nearby restaurant, James rested while I went to a washateria and caught up on laundry.  That evening, there was a concert in the cloister of St. Isidoro. We went early and managed to snag chairs.

The most memorable piece, at least for me, was a reading of segments out of Don Quijote, accompanied by music specifically composed for those segments. As the beautifully voiced gentleman read the story of the Man of La Mancha and his trusty sidekick Sancho Panza, we heard the wind rustling through the fields and listened to the clip-clop of their steeds’ hooves.  It was a standing-room only audience.

After the concert, we had a late dinner in St. Isidoro Plaza, where a lot of the musicians dropped by for a post- concert drink and tapa.  This was the last night of León’s festival, and clearly music lovers from all over the city turned out for this concluding concert.

Steps Today: 10,962

I will post various photos of St. Isidoro, taken over our two days there, on our page for June 28:
June 28, 2018: León

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