Faith and Farming


Wednesday, June  22, 2016
Carrion de los Condes  to Calzadilla de la Cueza
Day 22

After our long walk the previous day, we definitely wanted an easier day. Again no bus to where we wanted to go, but there was a bus to a town further along the Camino, so we took that. Although I don’t like backtracking, that is what we had to do. The bus didn’t leave until noon, so I used the morning for errands and to explore Carrion a bit.

I had to go to three ATMs, then eventually return back to the first one before  I could extract any funds. It was like a comedy of errors–ATM style. Nothing seemed to work in Carrion. I couldn’t buy our bus tickets on the first try, either. While waiting to be able to buy the tickets, I popped into a couple of small shops and took some photos. Eventually I was able to buy the bus tickets.  All the while James rested up; his feet have been bothering him.

Once we got to the further town, we had to find a taxi to take us back to Calzadilla, where we had reservations for the night.

In the town of Terradillos, we stopped at an aubergue for a drink and to catch a taxi. I thought the wall in the aubergue (see photo above) fairly well summed up what we had been seeing on the Meseta: agriculture combined with great religious  faith.

Steps Today: 6,141

For photos of Carrion, see June 22.


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