Monasteries and Churches, Iron and Roses

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
Day 8
Estella to Los Arcos

Our day started with a stop at a monastery and went on to include a memorable church.

Our first stop after leaving Estella, just out of town, was the Irache Monastery, where Benedictine monks make wine. The monks have a fountain offering free wine and water. Their sign asks visitors to enjoy a cup of wine on them, but for more to please purchase a bottle. James partook, but it was too early for me.

Earlier in the day we had walked past an iron worker’s workshop. We stopped to admire some of his pieces, and he invited us in to see others. Wonderful work, but very, very heavy.

Late in the afternoon we visited the Church of Santa Maria, which had a fabulously beautiful cloister, in the center of which was a rather overgrown, unkempt bed of roses. There is symbolism there–the religious fervor of those earlier Christians who built the church versus the inattentiveness of the current era.

We also saw roses everywhere throughout the day, some with huge blooms. I plan to post more photos on a page, which you might like to check out.

Tweaking our updated travel plan, we took off walking early in the day Spain seems to be having an unexpectedly early heat wave, and we need to take advantage of the coolness in the early mornings. This turned out well. We had time in the late afternoon to visit the church and admire its beautiful cloister.

Steps Today: 18,777

See more photos as June 8: Monasteries and Churches, Iron and Roses.

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