Getting Ready to Go


Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Camino Day Minus 7

James and I have been getting ready to go on our Great Camino de Santiago Adventure for weeks. James already has his clothes in his backpack. My clothes have been in and out of my suitcase several times, as I add and discard items and weigh the results. Fifty pounds is the max. Camino Ways will have my suitcase and his large backpack moved to the next hotel as we walk the Camino. James would like to schlep all his stuff himself, but not me!

Author: Camino for Boomers

I am the owner and editor of Bayou City Press in Houston, Texas. As a Foreign Service Officer, I lived and traveled all over the world for 33 years. My new book is "Savoring the Camino de Santiago: It's the Pilgrimage, Not the Hike."

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Go”

  1. Delighted that James decided to join you on the Camino Pilgrimage. Can’t wait to see your next blog.
    Love to you both.


  2. Julie:

    If you would like a map to head your blog, I can prepare one for you, making sure, of course, you will have proper rights to its use. I would need to know where you’re starting and the name of the route you’re taking. In any case, I suspect we’ll learn these details later.


    1. Eric: please tell me more. Where would the map appear on the blog? Is it just an overall map of the trip, or does it show where we are? I’m new to blogging, so I just do not know how things work. Thanks.


      1. Julie:

        I have set up one Word Press site of my own, so I think I can prepare a map of your route if I know the starting and ending points. Wikipedia has details of dozens of routes beginning all over Europe. I would create the map in dimensions to fit at the top your Word Press template and give you a link for down loading it. Then you or your son can put it on the page. I can assist.

        In any case, talk a little about your route!


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