June 29, 2016: Leon to Villar de Mazarife (Villavante)

On my final walk around León, what do I come across but the Cadillac Bar? There is a famous Cadillac Bar in Houston that I frequented when I was young.  In my Foreign Service career, I used to work with the Sister Cities organization.  Maybe someone should start the Sister Bars group.  The Cadillac Bars of Houston and León could be founding members.
The old city walls of León.
This very old plaza has the paving stones left undisturbed from long, long ago.  While I was there, it seemed to be a favorite gathering spot for local dog walkers.
I tried to visit the church of Santa Maria del Camino, but it was closed and being renovated.  I did take this photo of the side of the church.  You can see how the ground level has risen since the church was built.
We saw this building both entering and leaving León.  I found it interesting that it is St. George and the dragon depicted on the front of the building.  One doesn’t see St. George as often as other popular Medieval saints, like St. Martin of Tours.  This palatial residence, like so many we have seen, has been turned into a bank.
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