June 21, 2016: Fromista to Carrion de los Condes

Walking, we wondered what these metal frames were intended  to hold.  James thought candles, but there are no bases to support  a candle.  I thought perhaps some sort of kerosene lantern could hang below.  Regardless, they are interesting for passing pilgrims to look at and speculate about.
A rather stylized pilgrim, but he’s got his cockle shell on his hat.
Are my eyes deceiving me?  Those can’t be teepees, can they?  In Spain?
The troubadour and his guitar March into the next town.
Very plump geese and chickens patrolled the garden where we stopped for drinks.
Did I mention the donkeys joining us for snacks?
Sometimes one gets a sense of what it must have been like to be a medieval pilgrim.  You are walking across this absolutely flat plain, then up ahead you see this enormous building rearing far above its one- and two-story neighboring structures.  It’s a church, of course, summoning you to visit.
When we finally got to the church, the door was still open–but it was 2 pm and time to lock up.  So we only got the briefest glance inside.  We lunched at a cafe across from this beautiful doorway and so got to admire it for a good long while.
We encounter a metal pilgrim or St. James in many towns, but this is our first one seated and having coffee.
Every once in a while we get a reminder of just how far we  still have to go.
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