July 3, 2016: Rabanal del Camino to Acebo

Here is my little rock that I have carried for so many days and miles. In the background you can see the Iron Cross.  I have affixed to my cap pins from the various villages and towns in which we have stopped, and I am wearing a shell necklace I picked up along the Way in Roncesvalles.
A kiss goodbye to my rock.
Here is another photo of us at the Iron Cross.  The gentleman is the hat is our pilgrim friend Tom from Germany, whom we once again ran into at the cross.  The other man is another pilgrim, a man that Tom had been chatting with.
A view from the terrace of our hotel.
The pool at our hotel, early morning, before it opens.  On Sunday afternoon it was jam packed.
Sunset from the terrace.  The lights of Ponferrada twinkle far below.
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