July 2, 2016: Astorga to Rabanal del Camino

We heard along the Way “Lexit,” the parallel in this part of the world to “Brexit.”  The grafitti says, “León without Castile.” If I remember correctly, the kingdoms of León and Castile were joined in 1230.  It’s almost 800 years later, and some voices in León want out of the union.
Whoever this is, they really want León out of its union with Castile.
I’m not very good on flowers, so I think these are petunias, but I could be wrong.  Pansies?  Anyway, this flower tree sure was pretty.
James outside the Chocolate Museum.
Great place to visit in Astorga,
All the benefits of eating  (dark) chocolate.  I knew that it released endorphins, but I was pleased to learn that it lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol, both changes I need.  I see more dark chocolate in my future.
The museum had a lot of information on the advertising schemes  of the chocolate companies. Some of it was really quite beautifully done.
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